Jessica and Ryan's Wedding

I am super-excited to be here in SLO county! There is beautiful nature and friendly, happy people everywhere I turn. Over the next couple months I’ll be mixing in some weddings from the past while things start rolling here.

I had the pleasure of photographing this wedding at Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club in New York a few years back.

This is a good example of the advantage of having two photographers, as each of us was able to capture a unique perspective of various parts of the wedding day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kite Festival at Morrow Bay

Lisa and I had a blast back in April going to the Morrow Bay Kite Festival.

If you haven’t been, some of the kites are near 60 meters in length. We especially enjoyed the octopus with its tentacles wiggling in the sky. (Be careful where you put your beach chairs!)

People were having so much fun that Lisa says we should buy a dragon or owl kite next year.

Not the clearest of skies, but some of the kites were very colorful.